What are the best plants for autumn colour? We know all about the best foliage – Liquidamber, acer, some of the sorbus such as ‘Embley’ – and the best berries, Berberis ‘Georgei’ is pictured here.

I recently visited the Suffolk garden of Henrietta Neuteboom who has created an extraordinary garden in the middle of apple orchards with a wildflower meadow at the heart of it and mighty oaks to frame the view.

You can read my piece here. I was particularly struck by the foliage of Continus coggygria, the smoke bush, the veins on its leaves clearly defined while seedbeds turn delightfully to fluff.

The final fling of autumn can last and last if the weather holds but then we descend into gloomier times until the frost coats the seedbeds, often in a most dramatic way.